Tom’s mother got angry with him because he (break) ________ her favourite vase.

1. Tom’s mother got angry with him because he (break) ________ her favourite vase.

2. I (watch) ________ TV after I (do) ________ all my homework last night.

3. I (meet) ________ them before I (meet) ________ them at her last birthday party.

4. She returned home because she suddenly remembered she (not, turn off) ________ the gas stove.

5. They said our city was the loveliest city they (ever, see) ________, so they liked it.6. It (rain) ________ yesterday after it (be) ________ dry for months.7. By the time he (arrive) ________, all his classmate (leave) ________.8. We didn’t have their new phone number because they (move) ________ to the South.9. When they met again, they (not, see) ________ each other for 10 years.10. When I came, the room was in a terrible mess because someone (break in) ________11. We (just finish) ________ dinner when they (came) ________.12. He (seldom travel) ________ by bicycle before he (go) ________ to Vietnam.13. Ann (go) ________to get the carpet for the room but someone (already take) ________ it.14. (you, manage) ________ to see the Director, or he (go) ________ out by the time you (get)________ there?15. He (just get) ________ home when you (phone) ________. He (be) ________ in New York.16. In the last hundred years, travelling (become) ________ much easier and more comfortable.17. Sophia and Isabella (not, finish) ________ their power point presentation on African animals yet.18. By the time he (arrive) ________at the station, his train (already leave) ________19. This is the first time I (eat) ________ vegetable soup.20. (he, work) ________ in this company for fifteen years?21. They ________ (not talk) to each other since last week.22. Since John (leave) ________ school, I (not hear) ________ anything from him

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