Write a story ending with the words, “Indeed’ it was a blessing in disguise”

Write a story that ends with the words, indeed it was a blessing in disguise​.

An old man lived in small barn with his beautiful daughter. They had very little yet they were contended in life. He had a beautiful daughter and was a little worried about her future.

One day he and his daughter found a man lying near a small river. On seeing that man, he and his daughter who went to fetch water immediately ran towards the unconscious man. They brought him home and tended the man for three days until he recovered.

The man woke up and was shocked to see such a humble home around him. He saw the old man and immediately asked him where he was. The old man humbly said ‘Don’t worry son, you’ve been unconscious for three days. My daughter and I did everything to help you.’

Then the daughter brought him some soup and few crumbs of bread. It was the tastiest food that the prince had ever eaten. It was made with kindness and unselfish motive. The man was deeply touched by their gesture that he promised to come back. He went back to his home and the old man and his daughter went on with their lives.

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